You need a computer network that works and I.T. service you can trust to install and maintain your valuable information, whether at home or for your business.

Boom I.T. provides the best service for computer networks with our reliable staff and national certified work, from purchase to installation to regular maintenance and anything in between.

Boom I.T. has a staff with decades of combined experience in the I.T. field, who are committed to providing timely, guaranteed services and installations for your home and office.

Boom I.T. is PIPEDA compliant and an accredited Controlled Goods Program certified company, meaning we have national certifications you can count on for privacy and quality service.



Boom I.T. works with business large and small in all sectors.

Our clients work in natural resources sectors like oil and gas and support services, marine services, and mining. We also provide computer and network services for construction companies, banking and financial services, tourism and hospitality, all forms of media, health care, not-for-profits and all levels of government.


Voice And Data Services

Boom I.T. specializes in end-to-end data and voice cabling services, connectivity and transmission.

Our experts design your network or telephone system, provide professional installation of your data and voice cabling, and configure your telecommunications equipment.

Boom I.T. can provide solutions for all types of copper and fibre cabling, allowing for expansion or enhancements as a business grows and changes.

We offer:

  • New & Retrofit Installations
  • Security Systems
  • Rental of Certification Equipment
  • Smart Home Devices
  • WiFi
  • Home Theatre Installation
  • CAT 3 / 5e / 6
  • IP & Analog Phones
  • 10 / 100 / 1000 Mb/s

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Closed-circuit television (CCTV) can allow your company to monitor and prevent crime through video surveillance.

Boom I.T. offers a number of services for companies looking to increase security, in particular for banks, casinos, airports, military installations, & convenience stores.

We offer monitoring for Crime Prevention, Control of Retail, Industrial Processes, Traffic Monitoring, and Transport Safety with the following services:

  • High Definition, Indoor/Outdoor, Day/ Night, Fixed/PTZ
  • Local & Remote Viewing
  • Tablet & Smart Phone Viewing
  • Analog & IP Systems
  • Digital Video Recording

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VoIP Phone System Services

VoIP technology enables you to make and receive telephone calls over an Internet connection instead of over a traditional phone line. Boom I.T. specializes in the installation and maintenance of these services, which can significantly reduce phone costs.

More Benefits of VoIP:

  • One network to manage for voice + data, instead of two
  • Reduced travel costs due to conference & video calls
  • Easily make changes to the small business phone system
  • There are more ways to stay connected with people
  • Use the system's features at home or on the road


Boom I.T. does house calls. We offer delivery, installation, and maintenance for all your home’s technology. From purchasing a desktop computer to getting your home theatre up and running; Boom I.T.’s skilled, friendly staff are at your service.

We can help you set up and enjoy these services at home:

  • Computer (laptops or desktops)
  • Internet Cabling/Data Services
  • VoIP Phone System Installation And Maintenance
  • Smart Home Device Installation And Maintenance
  • Wi-Fi Set Up And Maintenance
  • Home Theatre Set Up And Maintenance
  • Security Systems Installation And Maintenance
  • CC-TV Installation And Maintenance